The Vanguard Awards Banquet will be held the evening of May 2nd, 2022 at the Harbor Center in Slidell from 6:00-9:00 PM.  Recipients are listed on the Vanguard Awards page.  Tickets for conference attendees will be available through the registration process.  Non-attendees will be able to purchase tickets online on this page by the opening of conference registration.

Vanguard Award Recipients – 2019

Mr. Paul Greenwood

For twenty-two years Paul Greenwood supervised the Elder Abuse Protection Unit at the San Diego California District Attorney’s Office. This nascent assignment became a passion as he sought to learn all he could about all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation. He trained local law enforcement officers to identify and investigate Elder Abuse, and he spoke publicly about the damage done to older adults through exploitation and other forms of abuse. Then he started putting people in jail; sometimes when he couldn’t make a case based on Elder Abuse statutes he sought other avenues to prosecute offenders, adding standard charges like burglary when the offenders went into homes to perpetrate scams against elders. He obtained warrants and sought extradition from anywhere in the United States, and out of the country. His knowledge led to testimony before legislative bodies in California and in Washington, DC.

Mr. Greenwood’s easy-going nature as an instructor led to requests for training from across the country, and ultimately to his participation in the Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference for the first time in 2009, and continues subsequent to his retirement as a prosecutor in 2018.

Mr. Greenwood continues to share his expertise and passion, and remains in the vanguard of experts who seek to make a difference every day.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda

Dr. Laura Mosqueda has been a leader in geriatrics for years, and while caring for her patients, she worked diligently to develop research programs to identify the medical issues pertinent in abuse, neglect and exploitation of elders.

Dr. Mosqueda is the dean of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, and is a professor of Family Medicine and Geriatrics and a professor at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

As an accomplished physician and researcher, Dr. Mosqueda is a national and international expert on elder abuse and neglect. She has testified in Congress and has been invited to the White House to discuss elder justice initiatives. She is the director of the National Center on Elder Abuse, a federally-funded initiative which focuses on information regarding policy, research, training, and resources related to the neglect and exploitation of older adults for policymakers, professionals, and the public.

Dr. Mosqueda is actively involved in medical care and education, serving in the vanguard of the medical profession’s commitment to protect and care for our elders.

Mr. Harold Bartholomew, Jr.

Immediately before Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Harold Bartholomew, Jr. was appointed to the newly-created position of Supervisor for the Elder Abuse Protection Unit in the District Attorney’s Office of the Louisiana 22nd Judicial District. Knowing the storm’s devastation would attract frauds of all sorts, Mr. Bartholomew quickly sought to prepare local law enforcement on the investigation and prosecution of the crimes common in those circumstances. With this auspicious start, he drove forward to train care givers, law enforcement, protective services workers, non-profits and anyone else who could make a difference to protect elders from abuse, neglect and exploitation. He has trained prosecutors on behalf of the Louisiana District Attorneys Association, and repeatedly demonstrated his concern for older adults by providing classes for them on how to protect themselves.

Mr. Bartholomew was on the dais for the first three hour panel discussion that became the Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference. He has been a constant at every event since then, and his classes are frequently over-flowing with attendees who seek his knowledge, wisdom and interest in older adults.

Mr. Bartholomew has been and remains in the vanguard of those who would make a difference in guarding the interests of our elders.

Mrs. Audrey Thibodeaux

Mrs. Audrey Thibodeaux has been a champion for elders in Louisiana for over twenty-five years. She served as a law enforcement officer, the director of the Louisiana Elderly Crime Victim Assistance Program, as an Elderly Protective Services case worker and supervisor, and through her efforts law enforcement agencies implemented TRIAD programs that brought older adults closer to the agencies that protected them.   Mrs. Thibodeaux was the force behind the Elder Services Officer Academy, training law enforcement officers to make a difference to older adults in need of assistance, especially those who were abused, neglected or exploited.

In seeking and obtaining the Elder Services Officer grant, Mrs. Thibodeaux assisted agencies in rural areas with limited resources to reach out to the elders in those communities. As a Sheriff’s supervisor, she directed the Elderly Protective Services office that covered ten parishes in southern Louisiana. Her experience offered an unusual opportunity to combine protective services with investigation and law enforcement .

Mrs. Thibodeaux has been in the vanguard as a persistent and tenacious advocate to protect Louisiana elders from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

We offer our congratulations and appreciation to these outstanding individuals!