Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference 2018

Below you will find the presentations from the 2018 Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference. These presentations were submitted by the presenters for posting on this web site.

Assessing Quality of Care of Family Caregiving – Carolyn Pickering

Assessment of Capacity of Elders – Bonnie Olsen

Basic Photography – Ginesse Barrett

Building A Trial-Ready Case – Paul Greenwood & Page Ulrey

Case Review – Elder Homicide – Paul Greenwood

Case Review – Neglect In A Community Setting – Candace Heisler & Page Ulrey

Case Review – Rape In Care Facility – Harold Bartholomew, Jr.

Civil Court Recourse – Developing An Effective Program To Assist Elder Abuse Victims – Jessica Brock & Sarah Everett

Civil Legal Recourse – The Missing Link In Supporting Elder Abuse Victims – Sarah Everett & Jessica Brock

Client-focused Ethical Issues – Bonnie Olsen

Coordinated Service Delivery – Carolyn Pickering

Creating an Elder Abuse MDT – Talitha Guinn-Shaver

Demographics of Aging – Trisha Sheridan

Ethics and Mandatory Reporting – Harold Bartholomew, Jr.

Financial Exploitation – 3rd Party Techniques – Paul Greenwood

Forensic Photography – Ginesse Barrett

Interviewing Suspects – Candace Heisler

Legal Instruments 2018 – Harold Bartholomew, Jr.

Lessons From Miss Mary – Candace Heisler

Overcoming Challenge- Elder Abuse MDTs – Talitha Guinn-Shaver

Reframing Elder Abuse, Parts 1 & 2 – Mackenzie Price

Role of the US Attorney

The Nurse’s Role In Elder Abuse – Trisha Sheridan & Candace Heisler

Vicarious Liability – Harold Bartholomew, Jr.