Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference 2019

The following presentations from the 2019 conference are offered for information to those who will use them to expand the knowledge of others in dealing with the critical issues of elder abuse.  it is important to observe all copyrights that may be associated with the presentations.

Aging of Domestic Violence – Candace Heisler

Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy and Resources – Vivianne Mbaku

SCAMS – Securities Conduct Aimed at Manipulating Seniors Part 1 – Glenn Gordon & Lisa Roberts

SCAMS – Securities Conduct Aimed at Manipulating Seniors Part 2 – Glenn Gordon & Lisa Roberts

SARS – The Most Important Resource You’ve Never Head Of – Andrea Higgens

Putting Victims in the Driver’s Seat (Civil Legal Aid’s Role Combatting Elder Abuse) – Sarah Everett & Jessica Brock & Bruce Jones

Power of Attorney – Sara Everett & Jessica Brock & Bruce Jones

LGBT Elders Increased Risk for Financial Exploitation – Sherrill Wayland

Forensic, Legal & Medical Issues for Proving Elder Abuse – Candace Heisler & Pat King

Elder Financial Exploitation – Paul Greenwood

Determining Capacity Through Interview – Peter Lichtenberg

Determining Capacity in Non-Clinical Settings – Peter Lichtenberg

Client-focused Ethical Issues – Bonnie Olsen

Churches and Elder Abuse – Richard Gentzler

Banking Programs & Tools to Prevent Financial Exploitation – Sam Kunjukunju & Genevieve Waterman

Assessment of Capacity of Elders – Bonnie Olsen