Nominations are now open for the recipients of the 2020 Vanguard Awards to be presented at the Annual Vanguard Awards Banquet at the American Elder Abuse Conference on May 4, 2020 at the Harbor Center in Slidell, LA.

Anyone may make a nomination by completing the form that is available on this page and submitting it to the American Elder Abuse Conference.  When considering a nominee for a Vanguard Award, the following guidelines will provide assistance in selecting a candidate for nomination.  Nominations may be made for Regional or National nominees.  Regional is, as the name suggests, that which effects, communities, towns, cities, counties, states or several states.  National is a larger scale that touches many, if not most, states and regions.  There will be no more than two awardees for each type of award.

The information listed below is not intended to be the finite list of inclusive actions, but offers direction in assessing a potential nominee for consideration.

Activities that merit consideration include:

  • Creation of a successful program that provided protection and/or assistance to victims of any facet of Elder Abuse;
  • Creation and implementation of successful public information program;
  • Reinvigoration of an existing program that has not proven effective in the past but is now offering valuable protection and/or assistance to victims of Elder Abuse;
  • Development of system(s) to facilitate identification of Elder Abuse victims and/or to provide options to professionals to effectively refer Elder Abuse victims to appropriate programs;
  • Educate elders particularly, and the public generally about the facets of Elder Abuse;
  • Educate professionals to effectively intervene to prevent Elder Abuse and remove elders from abusive environments (physical and/or psychological);
  • Demonstrate a sustained history of successfully attacking the issues related to Elder Abuse;
  • Demonstrate a variety of successful efforts to prevent and/or intervene in Elder Abuse;
  • Establish and/or manage successful delivery of services to elders to prevent and/or intervene in Elder Abuse;
  • Develop replicable systems, programs and efforts to protect elders.


Nominations must include the completion of the nomination form and a separate narrative of no more than 250 words documenting the activities of the nominee. The attachment must be submitted in Microsoft WORD or PDF format.  The nominator must sign the form in the space required, either by certified electronic means or by signing the printed document and submitting the nomination by mail.


Nominations may be submitted electronically as an email attachment directed to Nominations submitted by mail must be sent to:

American Elder Abuse Conference

PO Box 1427

Madisonville, LA 70447-1427

Award winners will be announced January 22, 2020. Inquiries may be directed by email to, or by calling the conference office at 985-377-4732.