Here you can find presentations from previous years of the Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference; some are in PDF format and others are Power Point presentations.  The presentations are from many previous presenters and deal with different aspects in the issue of elder abuse.

World Elder  Abuse Awareness Day 2012:

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Financial Exploitation for Attorneys

Financial Exploitation for Social Workers

Legal Ethics

Medical Ethics

Sexual Assault- Final

Sexual Assault*

Signs of Abuse

Social Worker Ethics

Trust Mills

Undue Influence

Vicarious Liability

* Initial version; version marked “Final” is as presented except for sensitive or copyrighted material.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2011:

Financial Exploitation- Issues and Practices (Trusts)

Financial Exploitation- Reporting Issues for Banks and Financial Institutions

Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Preliminary Indicators of Elder Abuse

Sexual Abuse of Elders

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2010:

Ethical Responsibilities for Legal Professionals (PDF)

Fiduciary Responsibilities for Financial Services Professionals (PDF)

Fiduciary Responsibilities for Nursing and Social Services Professionals (PDF)

Financial Abuse for Nursing and Social Services Professionals (PDF)

Financial Exploitation for Financial Services Professionals (PDF)

Louisiana Elder Abuse Law (PDF)

Organizational and Vicarious Liability (PDF)

Power of Attorney Part 1 (PDF)

Power of Attorney Part 2 (PDF)

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2009:

Louisiana Elder Law Basics- Harold Bartholemew Jr.

Elder Abuse Recognition -Felicity Cole

Elder Abuse Victimology- Paul Greenwood

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2008:

Legal and Ethical Role of Caregivers

Role of Elderly Protective Services

Multidisciplinary Teams (PDF)