class topic list

Following is the list of classes to be presented at the 2018 conference; the list is subject to change in the event that it is necessary to add or remove presenters.  The complete list of classes, including days and times offered, is available for download by clicking HERE.


Topic Content Presenter(s)
Basic Photography Initial Graphic Documentation Of Elder Abuse Genesse Barrett
Building A Trial-Ready Case Who To Include On Your “Dream Team” To Effectively Prosecute An Elder Abuse Case Paul Greenwood – Page Ulrey
Capacity Assessment Of Capacity Of Elders Bonnie Olsen
Case Review Elder Homicide Paul Greenwood
Case Review Financial Exploitation – The Brook Astor Case Liz Loewy
Case Review Neglect In A Community Setting Page Ulrey – Candace Heisler
Case Review Neglect In A Facility Setting Page Ulrey
Case Review Rape In A Care Facility Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Civil Court Recourse Developing An Effective Program To Assist Elder Abuse Victims Sarah Everett – Jessica Brock
Civil Court Recourse The Missing Link In Supporting Elder Abuse Victims Sarah Everett – Jessica Brock
Comings & Goings Elder Domestic Violence Candace Heisler
Demographics Of Aging Attitudes & Assumptions About Aging, Population Trends, Health Of The Aging Population & Generational Values Of Elders Trisha Sheridan
Discharge & Care Transition Planning Key Issues & Actions For Medical Professionals To be Considered During Discharge/Care Transition Planning Trisha Sheridan
Ethics Client-focused ethical issues (CLINICAL) Bonnie Olsen
Ethics & Mandatory Reporting General Ethical Issues; Legal & Ethical Ramifications Of Mandatory Reporting Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Family Caregivers – Part 1 Needs At The Time Of Dementia Diagnostic Disclosure Carolyn Pickering
Family Caregivers – Part 2 Needs At The Time Of Dementia Diagnostic Disclosure Carolyn Pickering
Family Caregiving Assessing Quality Of Care In Family Caregiving In The Home Carolyn Pickering
Financial Exploitation 3rd Party Techniques (Green Dot Card, EFT, etc.) Paul Greenwood
Financial Exploitation Innovative Solutions In Public & Private Sector Liz Loewy
Incest Perpetrated Against Older Persons Is More Protection Necessary? Pat Speck
Legal Instruments Powers Of Attorney, Fiduciary Responsibility, & Other Legal Considerations Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Lessons From Miss Mary Collaboration On Assessment Of Incident Candace Heisler
Multi-Disciplinary Teams Problem-solving & Sustaining Commitment To Multi-Disciplinary Teams Talitha Guinn-Shaver
Multi-Disciplinary Teams Strategies & Resources To Develop Local Team To Address Elder Abuse Talitha Guinn-Shaver
Protecting Elder Abuse Responders Intervention Strategies To Protect Responders From Burnout & Secondary Trauma Bonnie Olsen
Recognizing Intentional Injury In Older Persons The Medical Forensic Evaluation (MFE) Pat Speck
Reframing Elder Abuse – Part 1 Evidence-based Communication Strategies To Build Public Understanding – Pre-requisite For Part 2: Limited To 32 Mackenzie Price
Reframing Elder Abuse – Part 2 Evidence-based Communication Strategies To Build Public Understanding – Requires Part 1 Attendance Mackenzie Price
Service Delivery Coordinating Care For Victims & At-Risk Older Adults Carolyn Pickering
Suspect Interviews Skills & Techniques For Protective Services Workers & LEOs Candace Heisler
Trauma In Older Persons Leads To Death An Opportunity For Accountability Pat Speck
Vicarious Liability Legal Exposure & Risk For Unlawful and/or Neglectful Actions Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Forensic Photography Critical Graphic Documentation Of Elder Abuse For LEOs, Medical Professionals, Advocates & Others Who Participate In Prosecution Ginesse Barrett
The Nurse’s Role In Elder Abuse A Legal Perspective Candace Heisler – Trisha Sheridan