Class Topics

class topics

The class list is almost completed.  The information posted below is current effective February 17, 2019.

Topic Content Presenter
The Aging of Domestic Violence Defining issues and elements of Domestic Violence and the relationship to Elder Abuse Candace Heisler
Legal/Medical Issues for Care Providers – 3 hours Addressing the critical medical and legal issues in providing care for at-risk elders Candace Heisler/Trisha Sheridan
Assessment of Capacity in Elders (General) Recognizing reduced capacity for decision making by elders Dr. Bonnie Olsen
Ethics Client-focused ethical issues (CLINICAL) Dr. Bonnie Olsen
Medical Aspects of Elder Abuse Understanding why age-related changes create susceptibility, produce diagnostic challenges, and inhibit recovery Dr. Laura Mosqueda
Who’s Who in Capacity Assessment (FE) Finding the right discipline, resource or expert Dr. Laura Mosqueda
Recognizing Intentional Injury In Older Persons The Medical Forensic Evaluation (MFE) Dr. Pat Speck
Trauma In Older Persons Leads To Death An Opportunity For Accountability Dr. Pat Speck
Assessment Of Capacity Of Elders (FE) Research, training and implementation of new scales to determine capacity to avoid financial exploitation Dr. Peter Lichtenberg
Churches & Elder Abuse Part – 2 hours Church Responses to Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Older Adults  Dr. Richard Gentzler
US Attorneys’ Role in Financial Exploitation Mandate From US Attorney General For Offices Of US Attorney To Actively Assist & Prosecute Financial Exploitation Of Elders Edward Rivera
Ethics & Mandatory Reporting General Ethical Issues; Legal & Ethical Ramifications Of Mandatory Reporting Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Institutional Liability Civil and Criminal Liability Issues for owners, managers, supervisors and staff of oganizations providing care for elders Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Legal Instruments Powers Of Attorney, Fiduciary Responsibility, & Other Legal Considerations Harold Bartholomew, Jr.
Developing Protection and Response Networks Improving coordination of financial institutions, law enforcement & the community to Prevent Financial Exploitation Jenefer Duane
Elder Justice Navigator Project Building a community model to address abuse, neglect and exploitation Nicole Parshall
Developing Community Awareness  Tools and techniques to create interest and involvement within the community Paul Greenwood
Financial Exploitation An Overview of Types, Perpetrators and Victims Paul Greenwood
Civil Court Recourse Developing An Effective Program To Assist Elder Abuse Victims Sarah Everett/Jessica Brock
Civil Court Recourse The Missing Link In Supporting Elder Abuse Victims Sarah Everett/Jessica Brock
Multi-Disciplinary Teams Problem-solving & Sustaining Commitment To Multi-Disciplinary Teams Talitha Guinn-Shaver
Multi-Disciplinary Teams Strategies & Resources To Develop Local Team To Address Elder Abuse Talitha Guinn-Shaver
Demographics Of Aging Attitudes & Assumptions About Aging, Population Trends, Health Of The Aging Population & Generational Values Of Elders Trisha Sheridan
Elder Abuse in Native American Society Cultural and historical factors impacting the care for elders in tribal areas Wilson Wewa
Identifying Financial Investment Frauds Identification of various means and methods of inducing Seniors into fraudulent investment activities and how to intervene/prevent fraud Nancy Boudreaux
Role of state Office of Financial Investments Identifying the resources available from state-based regulatory agencies to prevent fraudulent investment activitites Nancy Boudreaux